Hans Vanaken: “Put our heads together at half-time”

What a performance by Hans Vanaken in the second half. Club's Golden Boot winner levelled the score early on, and was at the basis of plenty of Club attacking impulses. Only downside was his inability to kill the game from the spot with fifteen minutes on the clock.


“We conceded an early opener, which we really wanted to avoid ahead of the game. It urged us to take the initiative, and allowed them to lure on the break. We took plenty of risks in a one on one game. We managed to keep them off like that well, with lots of forward pressure, plenty of initiative and chances to score. It was hard to lift the pace, though. We could have already leveled the score in the first half, but were unable. At half-time, we put our heads together. This was our final chance: a win or b'bye title dreams. Our second half must have been the best we've shown so far: lots of chances, and the crowd getting behind us to force our opponents into making errors. Fortunately that goal quickly followed. You could see the confidence rising, and that's when you go over them. I really should have scored that penalty kick. I hesitated, and that's where I went wrong. Two centimeters lower, and it would have been perfection. Next time there's no room for doubt, I'll just kick it. By the end of the game, they score the 3-2 in a textbook situation, that's something we need to avoid next time. After that 3-1, we should have played it out easily, trying to make the most of the room offered. But based on the entire game, this is a deserved win.We still stand a chance to prolong our title, and we kept them from winning the league on our turf. Our grinta kept us in the race."

Hans Vanaken
Hans Vanaken

With a midweek game at Standard, the second to last mission is a tough one. "Another challenge on Thursday. We hope Genk has been set back a bit after today's defeat. But they're still in charge, we are still trailing. Standard will be keen on getting a result too. We just need to win, and then we can see how Genk did at Anderlecht.” (KN)

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