Hans Vanaken: “Teeming with confidence"

Another five star performance by Hans Vanaken, heading Club's opener past Kaminsky just ten minutes in, and helping the team towards a broad 4-0 win against AA Gent.


“A truly deservedd win. Gent was in fine form, and also had their chances. But we have a keeper getting hold of a lot, and once again we managed a clean sheet. The 4-0 does not really reflect what happened on the pitch. Our fiery start gave us wings. An early goal boosts the confidence on our side, and takes away belief on theirs. We expected them in a 4-4-2 set-up with a square in midfield, but Gent adjusted. It's a sign of respect towards us, and we handled that change well. They ended up playing like this in the second half anyway, but by then it was already game over. It was vital to win this game so we can head for the international break with a solid mind.”

Hans Vanaken
Hans Vanaken

Club's star in midfield scored with a timely header in the tenth minute. "I hit it perfectly, and it went in just fine. Heading has always been one of my strongsuits. I score more than I used to, but it's not as if it's something I train on.”


Club is steamrolling through the league right now. “The team is in fine form and we are just teeming with confidence. In the past couple of months we worked hard to get the system in order, and it runs smoothly at the moment. We are still to lose a game, and we tend to keep it like that for as long as we can. But we can always do batter. We now scored eleven in three games, but we'll keep working hard on that aspect. Games always tend to be different from training sessions. Certain players really need that goal to feel good. We are top of the league, we showed we're the best, and we want to stay there until the end of the season.” (KN) 

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