Hans Vanaken: “Things are not going our way right now”

Offering his post-game views, goal scorer Hans Vanaken was apalled Club was not driving home with the three points in the trunk.


“We just cannot be happy with this result. We weren't good enough in the first thirty minutes, with STVV everso focused. But after their opener, we started playing better, and quickly scored the equaliser. Our third fifteen minutes were better, and that 1-2 soon followed. In the second half, we reclined too much, conceding a silly goal. You really have to win here." STVV has a solid home record this season, but Vanaken wouldn't hear of it. “Sometimes you need to be able to suffer. It can happen that you have to play a compact game. That's not something to be ashamed of, you just need to be well-organised. They tried from a distance, but didn't really have any big chances. The way that equaliser came about is just comedy capers. That 1-0 was also of our own doing. It's a pity, but that's what happened today.”

Vanaken gaat voor een schot
Vanaken gaat voor een schot

As to his own performance, he also reflected on the big chance he missed just before the penalty kick. “You can ask yourself just how you could miss that. Fortunately, the spot kick went in." It has been some time since Club last won. "It's no big deal as far as I'm concerned, but it's annoying. You want to reap good results. Both against Waasland-Beveren and Monaco victory was in our reach, but we're going through a rough patch right now, with nothing going our way. But well, there's another game on Tuesday, let's focus on that.”

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