Wednesday 5 October 2022 00:15

Hans Vanaken: “Turn this into a qualification for the next round”

Another impressive performance by Hans Vanaken in midfield, helping his team keeping Atlético at bay. 2-0 on the night, and a boost of confidence as Club will take on the final three fixtues in this group.

“We did it, a perfect nine out of nine, we couldn't get it any better. We should be able to turn this into a qualification to the next round. We're very close, but not certain just yet. If we manage to maintain this focus and attitude, we might be able to get something in Madrid too. But first Westerlo, and only after that it's off to Madrid. There's no reason to start celebrating just yet.”

A mature performance helped Club secure the win. “We really seized the right moment, and had a lot of possession in the first half. It's tough creating many chances against their block. We knew that beforehand. We also had to look out for their transition play. We did well in the first half, they only had two odd chances. After the break, they had the upperhand a bit more, and made their way to our box a bit more. But I don't feel llike they had many big chances, except for that spot kick. We were fortunate to see them miss, or it could have been a hefty final fifteen minutes. Those moments really all went our way, and we made the most of our own chances, for instance when Jutglà scored that goal with impeccable timing, cutting them off. Making the most of a momentum in the Champions League against the big guns is always vital, and we did so today.”

Simon Mignolet once again proved his weight in gold in goal. “Simon is een top knotch goalkeeper, ever since he arrived here until now. There has never been any doubt about him, he is just an unbelievable goalkeeper along Belgian standards. Which he proved once again today. We are really happy to see someone of his stature in our goal.” (KN)

Hans Vanaken
Hans Vanaken

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