Sunday 24 October 2021 16:15

Hans Vanaken: "Deserved the win here"

After the game, the man behind Club's goal, Hans Vanaken, gave his view on the game.

“Taking into account the entire game, we had a better claim on the win than our opponents." The encounter came with only few chances. "It was a shut first half, with only few chances on either side of the pitch. Our backs were freed up, but we didn't find the options to create something from that overload. We had the better of the game in the second half, with some minor chances too. If one team was bound to win, it would have been us.”
In that second half, Blue and Black tried pinning the hosts against their goal. "Our running actions were far better in the second half, which helped us to some crosses too. Unfortunately none of those slight chances went in, and neither did that De Ketelaere attempt one vs one against Butez.”
Vanaken scored from a corner kick in the dying minutes of the first half. "That ball curled in well, with lots of people in a small area, and you just have to hope that ball ends up well. It came to me, and it was a fairly easy tap-in after that.”
With three draw in the last four games, there could be doubt, but not so with Vanaken. “We drew at Anderlecht and at Antwerp, two fiery games, and still we claimed one point. We keep training and working hard, and we'll surely get there." (EV)

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