Hans Vanaken: "Formed a good block"

A change of tactics meant Hans Vanaken saw less of the ball than usual. The Limburg midfielder played in support of Wesley, but with Dortmund in constant possession, his job included more defending than he's used to.


"Maybe this wasn't my favourite type of game; I like taking a bit more initiative myself during the game, but against an in-form Dortmund it's necessary to stay in block. That worked out well, and they didn't get that many clear-cut chances. Their biggest chance was when a long ball waas headed back. Maybe we should try this tack in the league too, as we're conceding too many goals at this points, particularly on the break. It's not a bad idea to be positioned a bit lower, so as not to concede a break. This was a good test to see how we can work around that." (SF)

Hans Vanaken
Hans Vanaken

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