Wednesday 14 September 2022 00:30

Hans Vanaken: "Game plan worked out perfectly"

That's right: 0-4 away at FC Porto. Not many teams will be getting such a sweet result, but Club did play one hell of a game. Skipper Hans Vanaken rubbed his eyes in disbelief after the game.

“0-4 is a fabulous result, and well-deserved too if you ask me", Hans was beaming just a few minutes after the final whistle. "We just had a good day. We took the lead through that Jutglà spot kick, and after that it became clear Porto had trouble finding an opening, and tried to get through our defense using the long ball, which clearly didn't work out. Our aim was to leave the ball to their two central defenders, and our game plan paid off in spades. They tried putting more pressure in the second half, but that just left us more space to play out of it, leading to three more goals on our side.”(FDC)

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