Hans Vanaken: "Good preparation as we go into the new season"

Hans Vanaken's goal opened up the game, and put Club underway towards a fifteenth Supercup win.


“That's what it was all about today, claiming that first prize. After all those friendlies, it takes a bit of getting used to playing games that matter. It's good that it has all started again, and that we managed to add some silverware again. It's a good preparation towards the new season too. Things went well in the first half, in the second we struggled after their goal. We gave it all we had in the run-up to the season, so it's only logical we were missing a bit of strength in the second half. We had our chances to further widen the gap. As of now, we'll be working towards the season opener on Sunday. I'm happy with my game today; I found some opening in their defense, and proved decisive. I just did what was expected of me.”

Hans Vanaken scoorde de 1-0
Hans Vanaken scoorde de 1-0

Some new signings have joined Club, and the newcomers are getting into terms with the current playing system. "Six or seven players have joined so far; some of them started or came on. They did well. It's now a matter of getting used to our new system, to something they weren't playing at their previous teams. It worked out fine in this game, it can only get better in the next couple of games.”


One of those new signings was Danjuma. He managed to make quite the mark. "He's a bit like Limbombe, with a fine action, keeping a good overview when he's past his marker, and with a solid cross.” (KN)

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