Hans Vanaken: "Heads held high"

Hans Vanaken had a hard time opening up the game for Club. The team performance, however, pleased Club's star player.


“It's a pity we weren't able to show a bit more, particularly in the second half. Our first half was fine. Atlético played a different system, which worked out better for us, but a bit less for them. They threw things around in the second half, making it even harder on us to find the space. They have such a fine team, seizing the moments in a game, and punishing us off when things aren't going as they should. That's what makes them world class. I warned the team that we had to be focussed at every moment in the game. Give them one chance, and they'll make the most of it for sure. It's tough to be perfect the entire 90 minutes, but that's what top football is like. We need to leave Madrid with our heads held high.” (SF)

Hans Vanaken
Hans Vanaken

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