Sunday 20 February 2022 19:00

Hans Vanaken: "Hope we can remain in our winning ways"

Even if that second half didn't go exactly as planned, Hans Vanaken was happy Club managed to come out on top in the end.

"We knew this was going to be a tough away game", Club's legend in midfield started out. "Circumstances weren't in our favour either, with all that wind and a rough pitch. The same goes for the hosts, of course. We did realise this might turn out to be an "ugly" win, but you get those kinds of games in any season."
With an early strike, Vanaken paved the way for Club. "A lead so early on in the game felt great, and I'm obviously happy with my goal. Even if I don't really care who scores. We were in control in the first half, with lots of possession, but had more trouble in the second half. That vital 0-2 soon followed, but we should have put the result beyond doubt earlier on. Fortunately we managed to claim that win after all."
Two consecutive wins for Blue and Black. "Next week's game will be something else entirely. The focus is now on possession, and to try and become more and more dominant. We now won two games back-to-back, let's hope we can hold on to those winning ways. The fact of the matter is still that we have a new coach, with a new system and new running lines. That's not something you can etch into a team from day one, it takes time. We do realise we are still trying to find our way, and it's still not 100%. If you can keep building and working towards that goal, ánd grab the three points? That's just super!", Club's author of the opening goal concluded. (TM)

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