Hans Vanaken: "Leaned back too much"

Firing a shot through the heart of defense, Hans Vanaken put Club in the lead after just ten minutes. Club's pivot in midfield once again showcased his fine form, even if the goal did not lead to the three points.


"We took a flying start, and took a deserved lead. After that, we leaned back too much, and allowed Charleroi to get the better of the ball. We just didn't apply enough pressure to make it hard on them. We were well organised, and kept them from creating too many chances. Putting a lot of pressure doesnt always help against Charleroi, as they tend to use the long ball a lot. The two goals we conceded could have been avoided. But I reckon we created too little ourselves, and the ball didn't always go our way either. A defeat is always possible then. It was a more open game in the second half, as just before they scored their second, we also had the chance to make it 1-2  but hit the post. That could have been enough to go out winning. Our Champions League game at Monaco should not come as an excuse, we did have a couple of days in between the two games. I felt good playing, but I don't know about the others obviously.”

Hans Vanaken
Hans Vanaken

On Sunday evening, Genk might be doubling its lead at the top of the table. "Genk can take a six point lead, and we now have Antwerp alongside us, but the race is not run yet. We know dropped the three points here, but it's still a long way. Anything can still happen." (MDK)

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