Hans Vanaken: "We did not deserve to lose here"

Hans Vanaken was a bit frustrated after the first defeat this season but also put the result in perspective.


"The result was looking good at halftime but the situation turned due to that penalty. In my opinion it was not a penalty . They were immediately sharper in the duels and it was harder for us afterwards. Lamkel Zé played strong as winger and scored then."

Hans Vanaken
Hans Vanaken

Club played quite well in the second half according to Vanaken. "We knew beforehand that Antwerp are a physically strong team with a lot of show on the pitch. It almost has nothing to do with soccer anymore. Of course you adapt your style a bit to that because that is unavoidable against this team. We still got some good chances after their second goal. Therefore, I don't think we deserve to lose here today. We don't have to panic now and have two weeks to recover now." (TM)

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