Ivan Leko: “Can't blame my players”

A 2-2 derby draw, due to a lack of efficiency by the visitors. Ivan Leko denounced the many chances that went missing.


“The result is disappointing. We were the dominant team, in control of the game. In the first half we scored twice, and had a number of fine opportunities. We really should have been two up at half time, but unfortunately that didn't pan out. In the second half, we kept putting risk in our game, but at a lower pace. Nevertheless, we were still in charge, creating a few more chances, but still we got stuck on a 2-2 draw. When it comes to mentality and effort, I really cannot blame my players. Everyone gave everything he's got in him, but it's hard coming to terms with the result. Today's Club Brugge was one with lots of will pwer and energy, and with lots of chances, but unfortunately it wasn't enough to claim the win. What matters now is getting that bit more efficiency, both in possession as without the ball.”

Ivan Leko
Ivan Leko

An important trilogy awaits Club now, facing Salzburg in the EL, and Genk in between. The point loss of the past weeks means Club is not exactly brimming with confidence. “I would be deadly worried when my team wouldn't be showing stamina and energy, and we wouldn't be creating any chances. Fortunately that's not the case, we just need to add efficiency to the mix. Sure, we wanted more points at this time, but when you're not bringing your A game, you have to get back to what you're good at. We need to keep playing football, show that same energy and grinta, and try to be more efficient. To boot, it all comes down to details sometimes. Off-side or not, foul on Wesley or not? It's these kinds of details that can cause a big difference in points.” (SF)

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