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Ivan Leko: “Extremely proud of what we achieved together”

After the defeat at Standard de Liège, Ivan Leko had vowed Club would do what it could to end the season on a positive note, and so it happened. After a crazy game rank with opportunities, Blauw-Zwart came out victorious (3-2). A clearly proud T1 was full of praise for his players.

“Everyone knew it would be tough to find the right motivation”, Leko started out. “For three months, we adapted an all-or-nothing approach, but today, nothing was at stake. Gearing up for the game was not all that evident. But we really wanted to do the utmost for the fans who have always backed us along the way. Things weren't looking great after 60 to 70 minutes, but in the end we got what we deserved. Last year we made the promise to be even better this season, and I believe we lived up to that: our football was better, we gathered more points, had a great run in the Champions League, and many players have made quite some progress. I'm very proud of what we have achieved together.”

Ivan Leko
Ivan Leko

After the final whistle, the fans cheered for Leko, urging him to come back to the pitch. Seized with emotion, Club's coach took his time to elaborately thank the fans. “The fans and I have always shared a great bond, both in my time as a player as as a coach. They know I always gave everything for Club Brugge, and they appreciate it. My time here at Blauw-Zwart will always be one of the best souvenirs of my life. When I left here as a player, it was always my dream to come back as a coach some day. Furthermore, I hoped to become champions here, and to finally win at Anderlecht too. That all came about, and some fine added extras followed too: beating Anderlecht at home 5-0, away at Gent 0-4, you name it. Some people didn't believe in me when I arrived here, but we achieved some great stuff. I'll be forever grateful to everyone. We achieved so many great things in the past two years: players, technical staff, board and fans. We were the best team in the Play-Offs in the past three months, and that's something I'm super proud of.” (SF)

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