Ivan Leko: “Less of a disappointment than the Dortmund defeat”

The first point in the CL campaign pleased Ivan Leko, but Club Brugge's T1 was nonetheless disappointed Club didn't grab the three points.


“We were the better team if you take into account the entirety of the game. We had more chances, and were in control, particularly in the second half. We're disappointed we couldn't get more than one point, but on the other hand, I'm happy with what Club has shown again today. Keep in mind that the Champions League is the strongest competition in Europe. We played an opponent boasting plenty of individual class, a team that far outdoes Club Brugge when it comes to budget and transfer earnings. Butthe fact that they adapted their playing style, opting for the break, shows that they respected us. Playing teams like that, you have to seize the moment and show your killer instinct.”

Ivan Leko
Ivan Leko

Uncapable of scoring the winner, Club had to settle for the one point. “1 out of 9 hardly reflects our performances. More was in it against Dortmund too. We were the better team today, but we have to accept that it's not always the best team that wins. In theory, Monaco would always come in third in our group, but today showed that not always the theoretically best team will be the best team on the pitch. Furthermore, we have shown in our CL games this season that a team from tiny Belgium is capable of tickling the European top teams. The pressure to be gaining points was enormous. It's not enough to be playing good football, grabbing points is all that matters. That's why we are less disappointed today than after the defeat against Dortmund.”


History repeats: just like he did against Dortmund, Loïs Openda missed a whopper of a chance in the dying seconds of the game, but Club's coach was all too eager to protect his young forward. “It's the second time he misses a chance like that, that's righ, but he's a gifted player, still in need of some growth. I'm not unhappy with him. It's a pity, obviously, as it is probably harder to miss that chance than to score it.“ (SF)

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