Saturday 3 November 2018 20:45

Ivan Leko: “More in it”

Settling for a draw, Ivan Leko felt like Club deserved better than the one point after a solid second half performance.

“A very intersting encounter, with two teams desperate to win. A point against a team in top form is not bad, but based on the second half I feel like more was in it. After a period of weaker performances, it was important for us to claim a fine result here. We did it, even if I feel sorry we were unable to score the 1-2. Genk and Club are the two best teams in Belgium at this point, and this game goes to show. Whoever won the battle in midfield had the best chances of winning the game, and in that respect I reckon we came a bit closer than they did.”

Ivan Leko
Ivan Leko

A candidate for the MVP is definitely Siebe Schrijvers, scoring against his former team. "I'm really happy for Siebe. He had trouble finding his way in a team of champions at first, but in the past couple of weeks we are seeing the Siebe Schrijvers we want to see. I'm not at all surprised with what Schrijvers and Rits too have shown this season so far. It may come as a surprise to the outside world, but at training I'm privy to their skills and the will to make it.”


Not much time remains for Club to recover from this clash, as on Tuesday Club's next mission takes the team to AS Monaco in the Champions League. “1 out of 9 is not enough, but keep in mind that we have been playing top European teams. Now it's time to go for the three points, so we will be traveling there to get a fine result.” (SF)

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