Ivan Leko: “Not yet bringing our A game”

Five Club goals couldn't keep coach Leko from feeling a bit disappointed about the two goals conceded.


“Five goals, plenty of chances and good circulation. I can only be happy with those pluses”, Club's Croatian coach started out. “On the other hand, we're still not bringing our A game. After six weeks of preparation and with an incomplete selection, it's hard to be top just yet. Our primary objective is to win, and that's what we did. Our second mission was to bring some good football, and that worked out to a lesser extent in the second half. I expected a bit more grinta, and eagerness to score more goals. And apart from that also the desire to defend well. Scoring goals is nice, obviously, but defending is something we have to do as a team. I'm a bit frustrated about the two goals we took. It was really good at times, but sometimes also too slow. We have the day off tomorrow, so we'll be working hard as of Tuesday. There's definitely still room for progress.”

Ivan Leko
Ivan Leko

After the game, the word was out that Wesley is willing to stay at Club Brugge. The Brazilian forward is an important pawn in coach Leko's team, so the news clearly thrilled Ivan Leko. "Arranging transfers is not my turf; I work with those I have available. When a team wants to put up the necessary cash, you know players can leave. A lot can happen still next month, but I hope we have an even better team by 1 September. As to Wesley, I am really happy he's staying. He's of major importance to us. He has the type of profile everyone is looking for: big, agile and with lots of scoring potential. He has made quite some headway last season. He used to play a more combattive type of football, whereas now he puts thet eam in front. He helps boost the other players' confidence just by playing.” (SF)

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