Ivan Leko: “Those coming on for Nakamba performed well”

Last season, Club Brugge suffered its first league defeat at Mouscron, a first coach Ivan Leko desparately wants to avoid repeating. Club's T1 on the injurees, the options the current selection offers, and what he has seen in the other Belgian teams so far.

Leko on… the sick ward

A number of injurees have made their way to the training pitch this week. "Playing time will be hard for Brandon (Mechele) and Marvelous (Nakamba), but as to Stefano (Denswil), we are hoping to get him game ready. ‘Naka’ has been out for quite some time now. He has joined the group at training, but hasn't completed a group training in nearly three months. We're glad to be welcoming back his quality, energy and positivism, but we also need to give him the time to get fully fit. We tried making up for his absence with completely different profiles, and they did well so far. Rits manned the pitch in the last two games and did his job well, but we do realise he's not your average defensive midfielder. It might be we will be attracting someone for that specific position.”

Leko on… last season's defeat at Mouscron

Club steamrolled its way through the start of the league last season, only to go down at Le Canonnier. “That was painful. Away at Mouscron is always tough, we know that. We prepared well for this game, even if it's hard to evaluate them as a team after just one game, but we need to focus on ourselves, and make sure we're ready to take the three points home.”

Leko on… the OUT side of the mercato

“Saying something about those leaving us is hard. My goal is to prepare for the next game with those I have at my disposal at training. We still see them, obviously, they are here on a daily basis and train individually. We try to help them any way we can to keep them fit, but you never know in football. It's still some time before the mercato draws to a close, which doesn't help. I hope we won't have to ask the same questions at the start of the next season.”

Leko on… the competition

“It's still too early days to be drawing any conclusions as to the strength of our competitors, but each and every team has made some good transfers, with quality, motivation and grinta. I expect an interesting season, with a couple of surprises to come.”

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