Ivan Leko: “We were too soft”

Ivan Leko saw a tough game against a physically strong Antwerp. Club had to be satisfied with one point and are now six points behind Genk in the ranking.


“We knew beforehand this would be a tough game", says Leko. "It was a matter of power, intensity and details. We were too soft in the first half, did not move enough and played too individually. Our second half was better. We came more in the box with one player more in midfield. But I have to be critical. This was not the Club Brugge of the last two years. Sometimes we need to push a bit more but we did not manage to do so today."


Ivan Leko
Ivan Leko

Club are now six points behind Genk due to the victory of Genk at Standard on Friday. "Obtaining ten points out of five games with three away games in it is a good result. We know we need to win every match from now onwards since we are six points behind Genk now. The details are often crucial. Last week Genk got a penalty that was not a penalty while we did not get a 200% penalty today. That is very pity but we have to look at our own performance. I want us to play again like during our first three PO1-games. We were too soft during the last two games." (SF)

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