Sunday 15 May 2022 16:30

Jack Hendry: “We will be enjoying this”

What a thrill to see no other than Jack Hendry score the deciding goal in Club's race for the title. His header put Club in the driving seat as it raced towards the 18th league title.

“It feels great to be champions. It had been some time ago for me, when I was still at Celtic. This goal means the world to me and to my family. I'm super happy for the team, it has been an incredible season.”

Despite a cumbersome end of the season for him personally, Hendry remained hard at work: “I kept working hard and the coach offered me a chance today. I can only learn from these hard times, and I was in a position to score today. That's football, and the team is all that matters.” 

“What will I be drinking tonight? A lot! We'll be enjoying this one tremendously! As a young player, you start working to get here, so I will surely have a drink or two and then get to that celebration in Bruges", Club's Scotsman finished. (BD)

Jack Hendry
Jack Hendry

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