Thursday 8 November 2012 10:23

Jan Ceulemans kicks off tonight

Club legend Jan Ceulemans will be kicking off Club Brugge - Newcastle tonight.

Club supporters, they are so very devoted. That loyalty, those fanatic fans, commitment, it's someting peculiar. It's really like a tribe.

Jan Ceulemans in Stamn° 3

At the occasion of Club Brugge - Newcastle, a legend at Club will be visiting Jan Breydel to root for our team. Make sure you are at the stadium about 20 minutes prior to the game. &#39;de Caje&quot; will be interviewed alongside the pitch, and later on he will also be kicking off the encounter.</div>
Jan Ceulemans has no less than <strong>407 league appearances. </strong>He holds 4th place in Club&#39;s all-time ranking.</li>
In the league, he has <strong>scored </strong><strong>193 times</strong>,<strong> </strong>second all-time.</li>
&quot;De Caje&quot; <strong>played 37 European games, </strong>scoring 10 times</li>
In total, he made 506 official Club appearances, scoring 244 goals.</li>
In 1979-1980, he scored<strong> 34</strong> times, and only Lambert did better with 36 in one season.</li>
Jan Ceulemans helped Club <strong>in winning the championship </strong>in 1980, 1988 and 1990. He won the Belgian Cup in 1986 and 1991.</li>
Jan Ceulemans was capped 96 times, making him the record international. He scored 22 goals for Belgium, 9th in the all-time ranking.</li>

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