Sunday 24 February 2019 18:00

Jelle Vossen: “Glad to be part of the team again”

Just like on Thursday at Salzburg, Jelle Vossen was offered some playing minutes by the end of the game. The striker was honest in his post-game analysis.

"We were in full control almost the entire first half, and took a well-deserved lead. But then that goal came out of nowhere, causing a bit of panic in our mids. In the second half, it really could have gone either way, but I reckon that when you start like that at Anderlecht, you will also be disappointed with anything less than a win. Having the better of the game and having scored after five minutes, it's a pity you can't go for that second as the game would have been over then. A pity, really, but on the other hand we could just as well have lost, so in the end this 2-2 is not a bad result."

Jelle Vossen
Jelle Vossen

Anderlecht was only the second game since his return from injury. "Four months is not that long in an entire lifespan, but when you're sidelined and you can't help your team, it's a pretty long stint. I'm happy I'm back with the team!" (JDN)

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