Jelle Vossen: "Kudos to the new guys"

With some forward pressure up front, Jelle Vossen and Wesley helped Club to create some distance with Standard in the first half.


"Finding free space is tough. In the second part of the first half we were able to find some, and played it out well. We made the most of the space behind their defense, helping us to that 2-0 half-time lead. Standard fought back in the second half, showcasing their qualities. We went through a rough patch then. They seemed more alert, and scored on the break. The season is still early days, and we all feel that preparation. What's important today is just winning that game, and collecting that prize. Kudos to the new guys, by the way. It's good to see that they can grasp our play from day one. They did well, and showed fine mentality and good skills. I'm sure they'll make it here." (KN)

Jelle Vossen
Jelle Vossen

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