Jelle Vossen: "What a boost"

An assist and the 1-3: Jelle Vossen played a vital part in Club Brugge's come-back at Mambourg. His assist to Vanaken brimmed with class, and his header made it game over for the hosts.


"I'm obviously happy with the win after such a vital game. You know it can get tricky here when you concede the opner. I don't think anyone can say we don't deserve this win. When you go home with the three points, it's an enormous boost to the entire team. Being benched, you hope you can get on that pitch as soon as possible to help and make the difference. And that worked out well today. It's been a very tough season for me, as I hoped I would have been given the chance earlier on. But it's a matter of continuing the hard work, and the recompense surely follows.”

Jelle Vossen
Jelle Vossen

The win brings Club so much closer to winning the league. "We know what is expected of us now, and we want to seal the deal as soon as we can. This game was just crucial: a defeat would have piled on the pressure on the game in Liège. We now have two match balls. This afternoon's result could have worked as an extra stress factor, but once you start that game, it's something that slips out of your mind. Being able to completely turnaround the situation here today, shows you have a great group. We took a major step today, we now have to finish it off. It won't be easy on Sunday, as we have already let a couple of chances slip. But traveling to Liège in the firm knowledge that you get a second chance against Gent at home is a more relaxed feeling." (MDK)

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