Sunday 30 April 2023 21:15

Jorne Spileers: “We defended too much after our opening goal"

Jorne Spileers started again from kickoff and played a very strong match against the offensive power of Genk. At the end he did have to acknowledge his superiority to Joseph Paintsil who decided the match definitively with the 3-1.

“It was an intense match, I can tell you. It was really puffing at times. We started the match very well from which the 0-1 also followed. Our first quarter was very strong. We started defending too much after the equalizer. It seemed we had gotten scared. We knew they were going to come after the 1-1 and yet we made it difficult for ourselves that way. After the 2-1, you knew it was going to be difficult. Their third goal was an individual mistake by myself and it was game over then. That phase is a pity one. It will haunt my mind for a while today.” (EV)

Jorne Spileers
Jorne Spileers

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