Krépin Diatta: “This is what we want to show on the field"

Krépin Diatta scored the opening goal against Anderlecht, his fourth goal this season. The Senegalese striker cleared the way towards a nice 3-0 victory.


“We are happy with the result. You don't want to lose this match since it is a clascio in Belgium. Everyone knows games like these are not easy but these are the most pleasant wins. We were better than Anderlecht and deserved this victory. We won the duels and have to continue like this. This is what we want to show on the field, also especially for the fans. We want to win every match, every duel and grab the three points in this way. That is the most important thing."


Krépin Diatta
Krépin Diatta

Club are almost ready to perform again on a European level. "Playing Champions League is nice of course. We will be ready if we continue playing like this. It won't be easy but it is again a new challenge for the team."


Krépin Diatta now travels abroad for the matches in his national shirt. “Two international games with Senegal are following now: one against Morocco and one against Mauritania. I travel tomorrow. International games are also a must to further grow as a soccer player." (KN)

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