Krépin Diatta: “Those goals are the result of hard work at training”

Blauw-Zwart put in another first-rate performance against AA Gent. One of the key players at Club was Krépin Diatta, offering an assist and scoring himself minutes later.


“Very happy with this 4-0 win. But also with the way the win came about. Our mission was to make it hard on Gent from the very first second, and I reckon we did pretty well. Playing after a night in Europe, it's sometimes hard to stay focused, but you know you have to bring your A game if you want a result against Gent, so we started out sharp. The media made this a game between the two best teams in Belgium and I reckon that this 4-0 shows we deserve to be where we are in the ranking.”

Krépin Diatta
Krépin Diatta

Club managed to put four past Gent today, but what's even better was the way it all came about. “That's right, we did score some fine goals. But that's the result of hard work at training. We've been playing and training togethr for a few months now, and it's clear that we find each other more and more easily. I'm obviously happy with my goal and assist too, but in the end it's the team that matters most. Being top of the league is nice and all that, but we do realise it's still a long way to go this season. The fact that we haven't lost just yet is also nice, but if you play well, the positive results will keep coming by themselves.” (FDC)

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