Thursday 17 December 2020 23:15

Krépin Diatta: "I'm feeling happy in this team"

Krépin Diatta was the match winner. The Senegalese winger scored the opening goal and even doubled the score a few minutes later.

"I missed a good chance in the first half", said Diatta. "At halftime, I told myself to do everything I could to score and I managed to do so. Whether the first goal is mine? It would not have been a goal without Kaya so I rather think it is an owngoal but I was the one to put him under pressure." 

Krépin Diatta
Krépin Diatta

Club top the ranking and have a good feeling for Sunday's match. "We need to continue like this. We are in a good flow and I am very happy. Our ambitions are high and we want to do as good as last year."



Diatta is growing towards his best level. He is the topscorer and his importance for the team is increasing. Nevertheless, he focuses on realizing successes with the team. "I am feeling happy in this team. It is always nice to score but I can only achieve this level thanks to the team. We work hard and we are rewarded for it now." (JDN)

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