Lior Refaelov: “Off side was fifty-fifty”

Disappointment and frustration: the two reigning emotions for Lior Refaelov last night. The VAR's interference clearly rubbed him the wrong way.


“I'm not sure whether it was really off side, but even if it's a fifty-fifty situation, why did the video ref have to interfere? He is called upon when the main ref makes a clear foul. This time, it was just a matter of the main ref deciding it wasn't off side, why did it have to correct him then? The VAR should have an influence on the game, but only when it comes to clear cut big decisions. When the VAR will have its say on every situation, we no longer need a referee, we can do everything with a computer.”

Lior Refaelov
Lior Refaelov

The forward is looking forward to the two upcoming home games. "We knew it would be a tough start for us, with two away games in the first three fixtures, but we now have two home games to showcase our qualities. A perfect report card is what we will be going for on Thursday and on Sunday. It won't be easy, but backed by our home fans we are always capable of a little bit more.” (JDN)

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