Tuesday 28 September 2021 06:00

Match day: Red Bull Leipzig - Club Brugge

Match day! What will be on the mienu today for our players, as they gear up towards their second Champions League encounter of the season? Be sure you'r ready at 18h30, as we'll be heading live to the players' hotel with Club TV live before they head for the Red Bull Arena!

A first tactical meeting awaits the selection after breakfast, followed up with a mobilisation session. After lunch, they will head for their rooms for a couple of hours of rest. At around 17h30, a sports meal is served along with a second tactical meeting, after which they board the bus for the Red Bull Arena.

Want front row seats to the whole event? Check out our Instagram Stories, and tune in to Facebook or YouTube as of 18h30, because that's when Club TV will be going live rom the players' hotel. A pre-game analysis, the latest from the Youth League, and a measure-up of the atmosphere among those who have traveled with our team to Germany, that's what's in store!

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