Wednesday 2 December 2020 08:00

Matchday: Club - Zenit

Tonight at 9pm Club hosts Zenit at the Jan Breydel Stadium in a very important game. What's on today's schedule for the players?

Shortly after midday, the players gather at the Basecamp for their lunch after which they go to their rooms for some rest. Afterwards the players will have a sports meal and a tactical meeting at around 6pm. Two hours prior to the game the players head for the stadium for the final preparations.


Do you want to follow the players around today? You can with the Instagram Stories of Club Brugge!


Did you know that...

  • Zenit failed to beat a Belgian team for the first time in Saint Petersburg?
  • Club is sure of European football after the winter break if it doesn't lose from Zenit and there's still a chance to go through in the Champions League if Club wins?
  • It can be Ruud Vormer's 500th official game in his professional career?
  • Zenit hasn't won 6 away games in a row in the UCL group stage?

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