Wednesday 29 September 2021 00:30

Mats Rits: “A great European night for Club”

Last weekend Mats Rits told us he would like to play every single game. If you ask us, there's no reason why he shouldn't, scoring the winner in Germany.

“This has been a fabulous European night for Club”, a clearly satisfied Mats Rits reported minutes after the final whistle. “Which is great. We knew that claiming just one point here would be fenomenal, but to be winning here, and deservedly so, is even more massive. I reckon we played a very qualitative first half. It's a pity we wen't down 1-0, but after that I think we were clearly the better team in the first half. Creaing enough chances, and scoring two, which turned out to be enough in the end. A 1-2 at half time means it's all to play for in the second half. Unfortunately we weren't able to break out a lot, but Leipzig also really had just one real chance. But we also had one great opportunity through Noa (Lang, edit). But we put our heads in front of every effort, and with this mentality we now have four out of six after two games, and that's something we should enjoy just now.”(FDC)

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