Friday 6 August 2021 23:00

Mats Rits: “This is very hard"

Club played a dominant first derby of the season but only scored once. Cercle did what they could and scored the equalizer at the end. Mats Rits was very unhappy after the final whistle.

“This draw is very hard to deal with", said the midfielder of the Blues. "We should never lose points in a game like this. I think we controlled the entire match and Simon (Mignoled, nvdr) had to catch any ball. But it is our own fault. We had to score more. Being 2 or 3-0 ahead would have been deserved. However, the score stayed 1-0 and you know the equalizer can follow then. And it happened like that."


Club forgot to decide the match. "Och, I think we created enough chances to score at least twice but you have to use them well. I already told it, we controlled the match but that is soccer. This is very disappointing and we have to work on this. I play wherever the coach and team need me but that is not important after unnecessarily losing two points." (FDC)

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