Mats Rits: “Chances are still fifty-fifty”

A narrow albeit deserved win for Club against Dynamo, after a spot kick involving Mats Rits. Club's defensive midfielder once again rose to the occasion, and put in a lot of work.


“That ball came to me by chance, really. I wanted to go past my opponent through the left, but he stuck out his leg, leaving the ref no chance to point towards the spot. I reckon we really should have scored before that, but well, tapping one in in Europe and not conceding is always a fine result. I'm not saying we are through, but let's call it still a fifty–fifty chance. This Kiev is a formidable outfit with lots of experience. We gathered that from the pre-game analysis. Our performance was good in the first half, and we managed to put pain to Kiev a number of times. After the break, we had a tough time as the opponent adapted their way of playing. Our new coach's playing system cna be compared to that of Ivan Leko in my respect, but things are different for the other players. Next week, the Ukrainian capital will be the stage for a tough game for us, but we have firm belief we can do it.” (FDC)

Mats Rits
Mats Rits

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