Mats Rits: “Our mentality made the difference”

Mats Rits had a lot of work during the second half. He played again a strong game on midfield which resulted in a very important victory.


“Our mentality made the difference. We played very well during the first half and created danger. Maybe we should have scored one more goal then. But it didn't happen and we lead 0-2 at halftime which was a perfect scenario for us. The five Anderlecht players in defence brought us into trouble in the second half. We were too weak then but you also have to win these kind of games and we did so because of our great mentality. Arnaut (Danjuma, nvdr) decided the game in a nice way. We had to communicate well in the second half since the Anderlecht players moved a lot and we did not manage to do so. However, I had confidence that we could take the three points home. We are now one point behind Racing Genk. Everything can go fast in the Play-Offs. We have to focus on one game at a time and are preparing for the very important home game against Standard now. On Monday we need to keep the three points home. But let's have a beer first!" (VM)

Mats Rits
Mats Rits

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