Mats Rits: “Try everything to maintain our lead”

Another strong performance by Mats Rits in Club's midfield. Club Brugge had to work hard until the last second, but the midfielder was clearly pleased with the win against KV Ostend.


"At this moment we only focussed on Ostend, because we realised it was going to be a difficult game. It's a rigid team with lots of qualities. From tomorrow onnwards we'll be focussing on Genk, which is an important game as well. We'll do anything to try and keep the three points home again. There's a small gap at the moment, but it would be a mistake to rest on our laurels. There's a gap now and we need to do anything in our power to maintain it. It's our duty to try and get the three points every single game. For our opponents its their goal to get closer. It's a good thing that there's some pressure. There are no easy games, so we have to keep our focus if we want to take the three points."

Mats Rits
Mats Rits

It's a busy few weeks for the blue and black, but Rits doesn't care about that. "I love playing a game every three days. It's a great feeling for a football player and that's why someone becomes a professional player. I love the adrenaline and I feel fine. Touch wood, but for now I can handle it. It's a pity that we didn't have our anual winter training stage to enhance the team spirit and fit in the new players, but we are professional enough to cope with that." (TM)

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