Mats Rits: "Could have gone either way"

A five star performance again by Mats Rits, but it was not enough to keep Charleroi at bay.


"A dominant fourty minutes on our behalf, but their goal changed everything. Particularly as it literally came out of nowhere. We played very dominantly, just like we did after our opener at Monaco. A very unfortunate goal that was. We weren't good enough defensively. In the second half, it really could have gone either way. In the end, we had the best chance with Rezaei hitting the woodwork. Of course, we would have rather won here today, but all in all the balance in the league is okay for us. Particularly taking into account our European campaign so far. The number of points we have so far is okay. But we could have avoided today's defeat. We would have loved to have taken the points to Bruges today." (MDK)

Mats Rits
Mats Rits

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