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Maxim De Cuyper: “Just kept the three points at Jan Breydel”

UEFA Conference League

Securing its spot in Europe next year, Club put in the hard work against Lugano. Maxim De Cuyper lauded the team performance.

“A job well done, and that's what mattered most today. The way in which it came about was not all that important, against a sturdy opponent on a tough pitch. We managed to keep a clean sheet, as a team, and it started up front. In ball loss, everyone did what was expected of them and covered the distance needed, which is not always that fun to do. Just keep the three points at home to make sure we go through in Europe. Off to Sunday!”

Next up will be the clash with ground neighbours Cercle. “The only thing that matters on Sunday is the result. Six weeks down the road no one will remember just how it came about, it's the points that matter. If it's through an "ugly" game, so be it. The intensity can be compared to our game against Union, even if they play an more direct game. It's clear to us just how they play, and we'll have to be ready to compete with them. Hopefully this victory will boost our confidence towards that game. In case of a defeat, we will have to start again, but I hope we can continue along these lines.”

During the week, th eplayers give it their all in order to get the desired results, and not only in Europe. "Everyone's focused at training, because we know it starts at training. When you can't bring it their, you can't bring it in games either. It doesn't relieve pressure, league games are equally important. Every game is a must-win. Qualification in Europe doesn't alter that. We play every game with lots of gusto and grinta. League, Europe: we always need that intensity. That's the situation we are in now.” (KN)