Michel Preud’homme: “Playing for Club and their fans on Sunday”

Michel Preud'homme talked with the press about Thursday evening's disappointing game but had a clear message available for Sunday.


Michel about… himself

Michel clearly stated that he did not want to talk about his future at this press conference. "The future of Club is important". Planning something for the Club coach is not necessary. "I only wish 200% effort of my team". His future plans will be revealed next week. The focus this weekend is on becoming second and qualifying for the qualifying rounds of the Champions League.

Michel about… effort

"Everyone saw yesterday that the team missed a certain drive at the end of the game. Everyone remembers our poor start of the Play-Offs and how the players fought back after our defeat at Anderlecht. Yesterday it seemed like they did not know what to do. One important game is following now. I expect and hope we can deliver a good result."

Michel about… Sunday

“We will play a final on Sunday, it will be a game for men. Ghent and Club are the teams delivering the most dominant soccer of this league. We played 39 games with the idea and the objective of winning the title. We will now play one game with the objective of becoming second. The players will have to play for their Club, the board, the fans and for their own future on Sunday."


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