Michel Preud'homme: "Focus only on 3 points"

The press collected on Friday afternoon in Jan Breydel for the weekly press conference of Michel Preud'homme. Below you can see what he had to say about Sunday's crucial game.


MPH about… Sunday's team selection

De Bock, Poulain and Diaby will not play on Sunday. Rafaelov will train with the group tomorrow but that does not imply that he will be ready for the game against Anderlecht. Izquierdo was missing on Thursday's training because he was sick. However, he joined the group again for Friday's training.

MPH about… the match circumstances

“We will not start with the purpose of getting revenge for our defeat in April. Club always play to win. Our objectives give us our motivation." The support of the fans also gives motivation. "The atmosphere created by our fans is important. It gives us power. Both we and Anderlecht feel a certain pressure. We performed bad in the beginning of Play-Off 1 and want to qualify for European soccer. They have to win the title after two poor seasons."

MPH about… ball possession

“Club do not possess the ball a lot at home but that is caused by the risks taken in order to create danger. That does not mean dropping long balls. We want to be dangerous and start our attacks from the back." Or just like Michel Preud'homme said himself: "On joue toujours notre jeu".


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