Sunday 13 December 2020 16:45

Noa Lang: “Back where we belong: top of the table”

Delivering a fine assist for Diatta's kick-off goal and curling in a corner kick to set up Rits for Club's second, Noa Lang helped Club overcome the Antwerp hurdle. With his continuous movement, he caused all kinds of head ache to the Antwerp defense.

“We played very well with the entire team. We were focused from the word Go. My teammates easily found me, were looking for me constantly. I proved decisive, but that's the type of player I am. When I cut inside, I always try to get that ball to the far post. I'm happy Diatta's effort went in. These are three vital points. We are back where we belong: top of the league. To boot, we created some distance with the opposition, with Antwerp trailing eight points behind. It's been a great weekend for us.”

Noa Lang
Noa Lang

Noa Lang has made it to the Starting XI, with constant movement and threats. “That's what the coach wants me to do. A renegade mission, with lots of freedom. Trying to find the space in between the lines, and turn away from it, or deliver a through-ball or change the direction. That's how I lie to play. I do notice that playing in Belgium is more physical than in the Netherlands. I noticed again today. That Seck is a beast. I received plenty a blow, but that's good for me, it's part of the game. “ (KN)

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