Saturday 26 December 2020 17:15

Noa Lang: “Fine second half reaction”

Two great goals and a neat assist to set up Okereke, not a bad report for Noa Lang against Eupen. In a rough game, the young Dutchman managed to break the game open in the second half.

“This wasn't our best game. The circumstances of the pitch were not such to play our best football. But that shouldn't be an excuse. We recovered well in the second half. Two quality goals, if I may say so, two striker goals. I'm happy I scored them. I could have gone for a hattrick, but I saw David Okereke in my back. David's my buddy, and I'm just as happy with an assist as with a goal. I don't care that much for a hattrick, as long as we come out on top.”

Noa Lang
Noa Lang

The Dutchman also indicated why he didn't play the full ninety. "I've been having some aches in the past few weeks, maybe a slight injury. But I just want to play, and we now get a week's rest anyway. So I reckoned: I'm going for it one more time. That was what I agreed to with the medical team and the coach. I'm happy with how it turned out. We still got a big series of fixtures ahead, but I really want to go for it. We need to make sure we're up for the job, so we now need to rest. It's welcome too, as you could see today.”


Some hefty fines have been agreed for celebrating goals. "When you score, you feel lots of emotions. You can see that we all want to cheer, but we can't. These are the rules, it is what it is.” (KN)

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