Saturday 21 November 2020 23:15

Noa Lang: "Goal based on instinct"

Club took the lead on the one hour mark thanks to a beautiful goal of Noa Lang. The West-Flemish derby against KV Kortrijk ended 1-0. The Dutch winger scored his third goal in the regular league.

“There was a cross pass from the right. Charles pushed the ball towards Michael who won his duel. Subsequently, the ball arrived in front of my feet and I could only think about scoring. I am happy I succeeded. This goal was based on instinct. I already got a big opportunity to score in the first half when I dribbled but my shot was too wild. I just had to choose a corner. I was a bit invisible the last quarter and we were not really there anymore as a team. We started well and controlled the game the first half hour but the last quarter was tough. We lost control a bit. They were just standing still in the box which is a situation we will have to face more often. It is up to us to be less static and to play deep. It was a tough game against a tough opponent but only the three points count. I am happy we win thanks to my goal. It is our first home win without fans."


Noa Lang
Noa Lang

The Champions League match at Dortmund has already place on Tuesday. "We lost 3-0 at home but we sometimes showed our qualities and we proved we can occasionally put our feet next to a big team like Borussia Dortmund. It is up to us to demonstrate on Tuesday that the 3-0 score was a bit exaggerated. It is pity that the stadium will be empty. You play soccer for games like this, especially in such stadium. It might, however, be good for us that there won't be any fans. Each disadvantage has its advantage, said Cruijff always. We will travel there to try to take points home anyway." (KN)

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