Philippe Clement: “The team is getting better”

All smiles when Philippe Clement left the Olympic Stadium. Club grabbed a well-deserved 0-3 win and widens the gap with the competition.


"It was a perfect start", Clement said after the game. "We knew this was going to be a difficult game against a team who scored more goals than we did. They are very strong offensively, therefore it was really important for us to score the first goal. We immediately controlled the game and were up 0-2. Beerschot created some chances as well, but not a lot. In the second half we were a bit less focused and Beerschot played more offensively. Towards the end of the game we took back control, eventhough we could have put the game to bed earlier."

Philippe Clement
Philippe Clement

Last week against STVV, Club played poorly after the half-time break, but that didn't repeat itself against Beerschot. "You can always put the bar higher, but it's not realistic to say you don't want the opponent to create a single chance. But there was a big difference with last week's game. We have a lot of technically skilled players, but it's key to let them link up at the right time. We've been working on that for the last few months. We need that to create danger. I'm happy with what Bas Dost has shown so far, because he fits perfectly into the system. He's only been with us for one week, but he's already made a huge impact. The team is getting better and Dost is the missing link that we have missed in earlier games. We weren't present enough inside the box, but the other players will benefit from the presence of Bas. That makes a huge difference for the rest of the team."


Club is currently seven points clear, but the coach keeps his feet on the ground. "It's not the time to do the math already. On Wednesday we go again, against Oostende which will be a totally different game. For now we must keep the players match fit and ready to go. Because of our busy schedule for the coming weeks it will be impossible to play with the same eleven players. We have to give it our all every game. The players who come on show a lot of desire to perform and that will be very important for the next couple of months. It's important for us to perform in all three competitions - league, cup and Europa League - so the players have to be ready. Every week it's a battle to be in the starting line-up or even on the team sheet." (SF)

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