Philippe Clement: “Don't start doubting”

Club Brugge lost their opening fixture of the new season at Charleroi 0-1. Coach Philippe Clement did not seem bitter despite this false start.


“I am of course disappointed because of the result since you do not want to start the new season with a defeat. However, I am not really bitter. My players responded well after the defeat in the Cup final last week. This defeat is sour of course because this is a real hold-up. We were dominant and pushed Charleroi back on their own half. The game would have been totally different if we would have scored in the beginning. Now they were able to play well-organized and create danger on the counterattack. They benefited from a mistake in our defense. However, we cannot be angry at Brandon because this is part of the job. That is the life of a central defender and a goalkeeper. Other players made more mistakes today but an error of a defender or a goalkeeper is always crucial. It is up to him not to start doubting now." (MV)

Philippe Clement
Philippe Clement

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