Wednesday 27 October 2021 23:15

Philippe Clement: “Great experience for our youngsters”

The visiting defense proved a stronghold for 45 minutes, but after the break Blue and Black managed to capture the flag anyway. Many a set name was benched today, but those coming on did not in the least disappoint.

“I'm happy with the fact that we go through. We had that awful experience three years ago, and that was a solid warning sign. We started the game really well, with some early chances. The first half saw many fine combinations, even if the group was not used to playing together. Lots of youngsters, Izquierdo who's playing an entire game for the first time in two years,… We created enough chances in the first half, but they had a great goalie denying us what we merited. Our second half started out well too, and we scored that opener. After that, our play was a bit more untidy, but by the end of the game we widened the gap with some fresh blood. Taking in mind all the chances we created, it could definitely have been a broader score. To boot, we lined up some 16 and 17-year olds. This has been a great experience for them.”

Philippe Clement
Philippe Clement

José Izquierdo lifted his self-confidence level. “We will just keep working hard to bring José back, without sky high expectations. Week to week, game to game, month to month. We expected him to reach this level by the end of November; we'll just keep working the way we do, and see how his body takes the extra stress of more games as we go forward. He's grown more mature, a lot more professional, and he's so much more into food, rest and the way his body works. I'm not saying he wasn't like that before, but at this point he's a mature professional. He's also very grateful and happy with the chance Club has given him to become a pro player again. There were some doubts about that three months ago. We'll just keep working hard without expecting too much of him.” (VL)

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