Philippe Clement: “Motivated by the fans”

Philippe Clement saw a deserved victory of his team against Cercle. The Blues won 2-1.


“I am very happy with the team performance today. I knew this was going to happen when we arrived here by bus. The welcome by the fans motivated us a lot. We played dominantly form the start and put a lot of presure. The past couple of weeks Cercle proved to be a good team. I am happy we scored from outside the box because we are training on that for some time now. It is a good evening for us since Gent lost. Our seventy points is a new record and we still have one game to sharpen that record."


Philippe Clement
Philippe Clement

The Blues are in the meantime 15 points ahead now but the coach of the Blues keeps both feet on the ground. "It can be an awesome season but we can also still lose everything. The players have to focus on themselves every day and prove to be ready on training. They don't have to watch the ranking. Staying hungry is important now. The more you win, the hungrier you are. That is how it works. The players also need to be hungry on training."


Despite the victory Clement still wanted to tell something. "This week I read an analyst told Club always get favors from referees. I find this crosses a line. I understand you have an opinion but if you say that something always happens, you cross a line. I hope this doesn't impact the people who have to lead our games.” (SF)

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