Friday 15 October 2021 23:30

Philippe Clement: “Nice to see Ruud deciding the match"

Philippe Clement was very happy after the 2-0 victory against KV Kortrijk. An easy win and no injuries so the Blues can now prepare themselves for Tuesday's match against Manchester City.

“Three points and a clean sheet so we can talk about a positive evening", said the coach of the Blues who also praised the captain Ruud Vormer. "A good free kick and a good infiltration. We like to see that. The past couple of weeks were not easy for Ruud so it is nice to see that he is scoring now. Bas was also very hungry. That is what we need the next couple of months because we will have to play every three days. We will need all our players to stay competitive in the three competitions." Clement also enjoyed the warm welcome of Izquierdo by the fans. "He is a very good boy, both on and next to the field. We gave him the chance to recover here and he is making a lot of progress. I hope we can see the old Izquierdo again  but that will still take some time. Anyway, he already played well today." (JDN)

Philippe Clement
Philippe Clement

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