Philippe Clement: “Nowhere in the first half”

Club Brugge lost the Belgian Cup final against Antwerp and couldn't celebrate the double. Philippe Clement was disgruntled, but acknowledged Antwerp deservedly won the cup.


“In the first half we were nowhere. Antwerp's lead was more than deserved and they even could have scored more before the break. We've been looking forward to this match for months, we wanted to celebrate this double by being 200 percent ready. But that wasn't the case in the first half. We made terrible choises in that first half. I was furious at half-time, the second half was better but we didn't manage to score the equalizer.

Our first-half performance was so bad we didn't have the right to win the Belgian cup. So congratulations to Antwerp. I already congratulated my colleague Ivan Leko."

Philippe Clement
Philippe Clement

Club was the top favorite for the cup final, so the disappointment is twice as big. “It's always dangerous after having won the league. You see that many teams have a more difficult season after that. Even if players are only five percent less committed mentally, that's where the danger lies. That's why we are constantly warning players to be fully committed. Some of my players are mad now, but you shouldn't be mad with words, but by showing it on the pitch. I saw that in the second half. It has been a fantastic season, but it could have been even better with the double." (SF/VL)

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