Philippe Clement: “Past at Genk not necessarily an advantage!”

Clement face his previous team KRC Genk on Sunday. He looked ahead to this special game.

About the game

“It will definitely be a special match for me. I experienced an awesome period at Genk and wrote a beautiful story together with the players there. I worked very closely with the players and staff, just as I am doing at Club right now. You can compare it with  a kind of strong father-son relationship."


“Whether I have an advantage now? It doesn't really make a difference because we always carefully analyze our opponent. The story has two sides. I might have a lot of information now but the Genk players also know me very well."

About the focus

A lot of talks about the Champions League drawing this morning. The three opponents will form a huge challenge. "I always want to win and we will do everything we can to make that happen. Two teams should be much better but Club and Galatasaray should normally have a similar level. Ryan Donk already texted me. He looks ahead to the duel with us. It will be a hard battle with the Turkish team for the third place. I expect my players to be focused and motivated for Sunday's game. Players that are not sharp against Genk don't belong here. Genk had of cours a full week to prepare for this game but today we also started preparing for this game."

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